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Everybody, be cool.

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Look folks, I get it. You’re on top of things. You have strong opinions. Having your voice heard is important to you. You want to make a difference. You would like a new civilization a billion years from now to pump all off the water off of what we call dry land today and find your WordPress blog post about how big of a douchebag… Wait, what?

Now that you understand that I understand your understanding of how fucking important EVERYTHING you bitch about is…

Please keep in mind you will likely be remembered more for your positive influence on our society. Your compliments, moving into the passing lane of the highway when traffic is merging, telling someone you really appreciate something they invest countless hours in and receive little monitary compensation for (artists and musicians, teachers, etc) and having an overall respect for others even if you disagree with them so strongly they make your teeth ache. Take account of your last dozen tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts, etc. How is your positivity to negative asshole ratio looking?

We are not going to be here forever, try to enjoy your time here much as you try to improve it by airing your grievences.


Learn to swim.